Middle School March Update

Throughout the past weeks, our Middle School students have collaborated with each other on a variety of subjects.  Our Project for the year is sustainability and the many ways we can “mend the world within our reach.  We have had a fantastic time researching , teaching, and collaborating in the classroom.  Excellent work is being done by all!

This month we have also participated in Jump Rope for Heart which put smiles on many, many faces! 

In the classroom, students continue their work with Classroom Centers.   Though Centers vary according to the needs of each and every student in the classroom, we do have a system that allows us to focus on each subject through collaborative learning while we reach as many modalities as possible.  Most recently, our Centers featured:

Word Work Center—A partner-based activity utilizing our vocabulary for the week.  We can be found making such tools as word cards, word ladders, or root/base word matching activities.

Read to Partner Center—A paired reading and discussion of Chapter 14:  People in a Growing Country in Social Studies.

iPad Center—Students take a turn utilizing either a Spelling app or a Social studies app, depending upon the needs of our classroom at the time.

Google Chrome Center:  Students use the Chrome books to create a Google Slides presentation of their Social studies reading. 

Writing Center—Students may be doing a variety of things in the Writing Center.  On any given week, they may be forming their Read to Partner information into an outline.  They may be answering questions on a given activity or answering a journal prompt.  Most recently, they were researching rainforests for library.    

Meet with Teacher—The Center most frequently focuses on our English lessons for the week.  It is in this Center where students can expect their lessons to be differentiated and based on what their personal needs as a learner, from reteaching to enrichment and everything in between!

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