Students at Rohan Woods have been very busy in the science lab…


  • Read Quirkles books Vinnie Volcano and Watery William
  • Experimented with the water cycle and volcanoes
  • Planted sunflower seeds in the garden


  • Went into the “stardome” to find, identify, and draw constellations
  • Started weather unit
  • Learned about and experimented with the water cycle
  • Worked in the garden


  • Learned about and experimented with inclined planes
  • Investigated major simple machines
  • Started study of sound
  • Hypothesized about whether sound travels better in water or through air and experimented to find the answer


  • Continued investigation of biomes by learning about plants in each biome
  • Started making biome specific movies using the Splice app on the iPads


  • Continued to work with computer coding using Scratch
  • Created “Orange Square, Purple Circle” program
  • Started study of the intertidal zone in preparation for fall trip to the Bay of Fundy in Canada
  • Had a fabulously successful bake sale to support the fall trip.  Thank you RWS community!


  • Continued to build mousetrap cars
  • Learned how to set mousetrap cars and hypothesized about the distance cars will travel
  • Had a fabulously successful bake sale to support the fall trip.  Thank you RWS community!


  • Continued to investigate chemical reaction indicators (precipitate formation, color change, property change, temperature change, gas production)
  • Investigated acids and bases by testing mystery samples and using the pH scale to figure out what each sample was

5th Health

  • Studied the endocrine system
  • Studied the reproductive system

6th Health

  • Prepared for and completed the sheep heart dissection as part of the cardiovascular system unit


  • Prepared raised beds by adding new soil
  • Planted squash, green beans, peas, corn, pumpkins, and sunflowers

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