May Update

Last month, we highlighted the great Project Approach work the Middle Schoolers were doing to collaborate and prepare for their RWS Marketplace culmination.  This month, students are also involved in a project of a different kind!  

Middle Schoolers are hard at work researching their assigned historical time period.  Collaborative groups have researched Early American Civilizations, Wars of the Middle Ages, The Renaissance & Reformation, European Colonization & Russian Expansion, and the Modern World & Wars.  With this cross-curricular Language Arts and Social Studies project–which we affectionately refer to as “lowercase-P” project—students will create bulletin boards, timelines, activities and summaries, as well as performing both individual and group presentations.  Students are engaged in their hard work and creating an excellent historical experience for themselves and their classmates!     

Middle Schoolers also had a fantastic opportunity to join in a friendly competition with other independent schools at the ISSL Track Meet hosted by St. Louis Priory School.  Rohan Woods students and students from around the St. Louis area had the benefit of a beautiful day and a time-honored tradition.  Thanks to all who competed!  


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