March 5, 2018

The Second Graders had a great month of February! We started our new Project about the St. Louis Cardinals, had a visitor from Animal Architects, and celebrated our friendships on Valentine’s Day!

Here are some things the Second Graders focused on learning this month:

  • Spelling words with prefixes and suffixes 
  • Writing all lowercase letters in cursive and continued learning of uppercase letters
  • Reading with greater expression in our voice
  • Making flashcards to aid in studying vocabulary words
  • Identifying subjects and predicates
  • Multiplying and dividing up to 10×10
  • Finding key words in word problems to decide which operation to use
  • Solving multi-step word problems
  • Measuring in centimeters, meters, grams, kilograms, and liters
  • Practicing for the ERB test
  • Making a 100-word web for Project about the St. Louis Cardinals
  • Writing a friendly letter inviting a Community Expert into our classroom

Meaghan Knobbe
Second Grade Teacher

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