March 4, 2016

First Graders are excited March has arrived! It brings us closer to spring and warmer days to enjoy time outside. We are diligently working to wrap up several units of study before spring break.  Our chapter on calendar and time will be completed next week and we will immediately move to concepts related to money.


Students will work to identify coins by name and value, count a group of coins to find value, exchange coins for others with equal value, add and subtract money and finally solve real world problems that involve money.

They will complete their research of American symbols and the final summaries and pictures for their scrapbooks. After the break, Mrs. Burkert will help First Graders create a special cover for the book in art class. Finally the books will be bound and ready to take home and share new knowledge and understandings with families. Each student has worked carefully and with focus to create a project of which they are proud. They are informed and excited to showcase their creation with their families!

First Graders were recently introduced to Sergeant Verb, a colleague of Inspector Noun. They continue to work to demonstrate understandings of each of these concepts as well as discriminate one from the other. With the guidance of their Fifth Grade writing buddy, they are working to write a mystery set at RWS with Noun and Verb as their main characters.

First the group brainstormed what makes a mystery unique? It needs a problem, lots of clues, and a solution. We have enjoyed chapter books recently whose main character is a detective. Jigsaw Jones, Nate the Great, and Cam Jansen have kept us on the edge of our seat wondering “Who did it?” Now First Graders get to be the author of a mystery!

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