March 4, 2016

The Second Graders have had a great few weeks! They have enjoyed time spent with their Pre-K Buddies: reading, playing, and making crafts. The Second Graders have been practicing both multiplication skills and counting money through games and activities with their Third Grade friends. They've practiced great teamwork to complete puzzles within our classroom. The Second Graders enjoyed beginning their last Electives session of the year, either learning drama or playing instruments. They have been hard at work!

Here are some other things the Second Graders at Rohan Woods have been busy learning:

  • Spelling words with the suffix -ing
  • Adding appropriate suffixes (-ly, -ness, -able, -y) to words
  • Identifying irregular past tense verbs (eat/ate, give/gave, etc…)
  • Reading with more expression
  • Using a variety of transition words in daily writing
  • Understanding that words may have multiple meanings 
  • Enhancing study skills by learning how to make and use flashcards
  • Studying new vocabulary words
  • Counting coins
  • Making change
  • Finding equivalent names for various amounts of money

Coming Up: 

  • March 21-April 3 ~ Spring Break

Enjoy these next few weeks before Spring Break!

Meaghan Knobbe
Second Grade Teacher

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