March 2017

Students have been very busy in science class at Rohan Woods….


  • read Mary Motion to explore slope, Nosey Nina to explore the relationship between smell and taste, and Ollie Oxygen to understand the relationship between oxygen and fire


  • started unit on space

  • investigated planet names, size, color, composition, order from sun

  • began creating models of the planets using paper mache


  • studied the life cycle of various animals
  • compared and contrasted how baby animals and parents look
  • learned about and experimented with gravity


  • completed biome iMovies

  • started mini-unit on desert plant and animal adaptations


  • investigated the role slope and plants have in land and water interactions
  • visited Litzsinger Road Ecology Center to observe their riparian area and stream
  • designed a landscape using knowledge from land and water interaction unit to best protect a city from flooding


  • continued Scratch unit and designed programs called "Build a Band", "Orange Square, Purple Circle", and "It's Alive"
  • problem solved to debug certain Scratch programs

Middle School

  • investigated and experimented with the six main simple machines
  • began construction on mousetrap cars

Middle School Health

  • learned how to read food labels and how to calculate the percent of calories from fat in a food

  • discussed what portion distortion is and how you can make sure your portions are not too large


  • propagated winterized prairie plant seeds


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