​​​Students at Rohan Woods have been very busy in the science lab…


  • read the Quirkels book called Ronnie Rock 
  • investigated different types of rocks and minerals
  • grew two different types of crystals


  • started unit on space
  • learned basic facts about each planet and the order of the planets in the solar system
  • created planets out of paper mache and are painting planets to look like the real planets


  • started study of animal life cycles
  • examined the honeybee life cycle


  • dissected owl pellet to identify the food chain of the owl
  • ​did a seed stomp in the native prairie habitat and covered the grass of the next section of prairie with cardboard to kill the grass off
  • started biome unit


  • ​dissected owl pellet to identify the food chain of the owl
  • started unit on computer coding using “Scratch”


  • conducted experiments on friction
  • experimented with and learned about simple machines


  • learned about the periodic table of elements and how it is arranged
  • investigated different elements
  • created models of molecules

5th Health

  • learned how to read food labels
  • identified what portion size should be for different foods

6th Health

  • studied the path blood takes through the heart and body
  • learned about the different types of blood and the parts of blood

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