Junior Kindergarten Update

The school year is just flying by for us all!  The Juniors are so excited for the holidays and the special events that accompany this time of year.  We started learning about the various December holidays this week to include Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and Christmas.  First, the class discussed why it is important to learn about the different holidays even if nobody in our class celebrates them.  We then learned details and facts about Kwanzaa.  Key vocabulary words are listed below.  We can’t wait to learn about Hanukkah next week!

In Language Arts, the Juniors have…

  • Begun a new reading unit about Shadows
  • Previewed the stories, poems and art work in the big Shadows book
  • Read two informational texts about shadows
  • Learned two new sight words, I and see
  • Practiced partner reading in a small group while reading the sight word book, School
  • Discussed parts of a sentence including a naming part, telling part, and ending punctuation
  • Counted words and spaces in sentences
  • Learned letter formation for M-Q
  • Read the sight word book, We See, introducing new words we, and

Math has focused on…

  • Counting by 10s
  • Decomposing numbers to 10
  • Number formation 0-10
  • Tally marks
  • AABB patterns using colors and body movements
  • Double-digit number recognition

Other fun projects included…

  • Discussing the differences between the first Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving today
  • Learning about the voyage on the Mayflower
  • Details of the first Thanksgiving
  • Making a Thanksgiving placemat
  • Discussing what we are thankful for
  • Study of Kwanzaa including the unity cup, kinara, candle colors, mkeka mat, ears of corn and gifts

Upcoming Dates…

  • Mondays—Return Library books
  • Monday, 12/7—Scholastic book orders due
  • Thursday, 12/10—Winter Concert.  All students in the classroom by 6:15.  We will sit together as a class during the show.  Please pick up your child in the classroom following the concert.
  • Friday, 12/11—Late Start at 9:00 am
  • Friday, 12/18—JK Party at 8:15.  All parents are welcome to attend.
  • Friday, 12/18—No After Care.  All students picked up in carpool at 3:00

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