Junior KIndergarten October Update

The Junior Kindergarten has enjoyed our project and math centers time with Senior Kindergarten. During project we are working community helpers.  We have read about all different types of community helpers and created our own communities. 

We have explored both fiction and non fiction books to learn about community helpers. The JK’s favorite part was creating there own community stores and making store fronts.

In writing we are currently working on frog jump capitals E, F, D, P, and B.

In Language Arts, we introduced several new sight words:  the, is, a, an, and here.  If you are in the community and see these sight words, ask your JK student to point out the words.  We are also identifying capital and lowercase  letters  A through H.   In addition, we are identifying beginning sounds of words,

The JK is loving playdough and sensory time. We are also working our fine motor skills of tracing and cutting.


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