Junior Kindergarten (JK) Weekly Update

The Juniors had a spooky, good time at the annual Halloween parade last week. The kids loved holding hands with their Fourth Grade buddies and walking around the Warson Woods neighborhood. Thank you to all the parents for watching and to the room parents for organizing a fun party!

In Language Arts this week, the Juniors…
• Identified letters I, J, K and L
• Learned the formation for these letters
• Read the book Lunch focusing on sight words a, an, is and here
• Discussed and attempted tongue twisters
• Listened to the book Annabelle Swift, Kindergartener
• Played a Pop and Match game to work on beginning sounds

Math has focused on…
• Measuring area using shapes
• Measuring perimeter of objects
• Ordering numbers 0–10
• Using a Venn diagram to sort Halloween objects

Other fun activities included…
• Making bat hats
• Creating the life cycle of a pumpkin project
• Making ghosts with shaving cream and glue
• Cutting and accordion folding paper to make spiders with our Fourth Grade buddies

Upcoming Dates…
Mondays—Return library books
Monday, 11/9—Turkey feathers DUE
Thursday, 11/19—Old Newsboys Day at 7:30 am

Don’t forget about the socks and underwear drive, too!
Have a nice weekend!

Kristen Masiel
Junior Kindergarten Teacher

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