Junior Kindergarten 5/1/18

Spring is here and the Junior Kindergarten is designing and building a garden during Project.  We have been working hard researching plants that grow well in our garden, cleaning out the old garden beds, and planting a new garden. The juniors researched plants using non fiction books.  They also drew and recorded what they learned from the books.  The next phase involved having a gardening expert in to answer our questions. We are continuing to work on the garden and can’t wait for the beautiful garden to be done.

In Language Arts we are continuing to learn sight words and are working on making predictions. We have been listening and repeating the sequence of events in a story.  

We celebrated Earth Day by reading Michael Recycles and completing the recycle challenge.  Junior Kindergarten’s favorite part of Earth Day was our nature walk using all five senses.

The class is loving our author study unit on Eric Carle.  The class read  and completed projects on his books. The class voted and The Hungry Caterpillar was the favorite.  They class has been studying the life cycle of a butterfly and made their own butterfly books and ordered the life cycle.  In math, we completed tally charts and graphs to compare Eric Carle’s books.  Students are working on basic addition and subtraction equations using manipulatives to gain number sense.  They are also learning about symmetry and shapes.

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