JK webpage 5.6

We had a great time learning about outer space in Junior Kindergarten the past two weeks.  The Juniors studied the planets, sun, moon and constellations.  Fun projects included pin pricking our names to make constellations, creating constellations out of marshmallows and toothpicks with our Fourth Grade buddies and creating a class book called Out in Space.

In Language Arts, we studied…

  • Facts about the wind
  • Beginning and ending sounds /s/ and /m/
  • Long vowel sound /a/ and /e/
  • New sight words including can, what and you
  • A fictional piece called Gilberto and the Wind
  • Retelling Gilberto using a story craft
  • Cause and effect with the wind

Math focused on…

  • Decomposing the number 10
  • Addition facts to 10
  • Counting coins
  • Descending and ascending patterns

Upcoming events…

  • Mondays—return library books
  • Thursday, 5/12—Spring Concert  (please have children in the classroom by 6:15)
  • Friday, 5/13—Late start at 9:00 with before care beginning at 8:00
  • Thursday, 5/19—Show and Tell (bring one thing that starts with the same letter as your first name)

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