JK webpage 4/8

Welcome Back!

It sounds like everyone had a wonderful spring break.  I heard many stories from the beach, swimming pool, experiments with Grandma, Disney and more.  The Juniors were so excited to tell me all about their vacations first thing on Monday morning.  They were clearly excited to be back!

In Language Arts, we worked on…

  • Syllables
  • Onset and rhyme of single-syllable words
  • Identifying the two words that make up a compound word
  • New sight words are and in
  • Partner reading of the sight word book, The Pot

Math focused on…

  • Identifying coins with the introduction of the “money helper” during meeting time
  • Solving addition sentences using colored Unifix cubes
  • Telling time to the hour
  • ABCD patterns
  • Symmetry

Please have your child to school by 8:00 sharp on Monday for our performance at the all-school assembly!

See you Monday!

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