JK Update end of year

It’s been an amazing year in Junior Kindergarten!  The Juniors have grown and learned so much and are ready to become successful Senior Kindergartners!

The month of May was spent learning about the solar system and ocean animals.  Both of these topics definitely became favorites of the Juniors.  They spent a lot of time exploring the books, asking questions and making comparisons.  One of my favorite moments happened when we were watching the documentary Blue Planet about ocean animals.  Many of the students got up, ran to the book shelf and compared the animals in the book to the ones seen in the show.  It was so special to watch them gather around together and get excited to compare the creatures and watch how they move in real life. 

We ended the year in Language Arts learning a few new sight words and letter sounds.  We have practiced all long vowel sounds and the short vowels /a/ and /o/.  Listening and comparing short versus long vowel sounds, especially in the middle of a word, can be tricky!  We also added quite a few new sight words to our reading vocabulary including like, not, too, what and on. 

In Math, Juniors continued practice with money, time,  addition and subtraction.  We discussed pennies, nickels and dimes including the names, values and characteristics of each.  Since we know how to count by 5s and 10s, counting nickels and dimes has been fun.  Combining coins will take a little bit more time!  We also practiced addition and subtraction using various methods.  The Juniors love solving math sentences and even writing some of their own!

Thank you to everyone for a fantastic year in JK!  I can’t wait to teach these smart kids next year with me in SK, too!


Kristen Masiel

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