JK update 4.1

Welcome to Spring!

March was a short month at Rohan Woods due to Spring Break.  The Juniors spent the first two weeks of the month conducting an author study of Eric Carle.  We read many of his books, learned his art methods, compared and contrasted his art work to other illustrators, acted out his stories and even made our own version of Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear which we titled Purple Unicorn, Purple Unicorn, What Do You See?”’. 

In Language Arts,, the Juniors read another Finding Friends themed story called The Lonely Prince.  We introduced vocabulary words such as battalion, fretted and drifted.  The class also used the comprehension strategy of drawing conclusions to discuss the two main characters in the story.  The Juniors have also enjoyed clapping and counting syllables in our names and other words.  We played a fun language game called "Higglety, Pigglety, Bumblebee" to clap, stomp, pat, shout and whisper the syllables in our friends’ names.  Finally, we learned three new sight words this month including who, has and do.

The month of March focused on addition and subtraction in Math.  The Juniors are learning to add and take away numbers to 10 using various methods such as manipulatives, number lines, fingers and word problems.  A different math sentence is also solved every morning during our meeting routine as we graph the weather and discuss the numbers.  April Math will concentrate on money and time.

Only 8 more weeks to go!!

Kristen Masiel

Junior Kindergarten Teacher

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