JK update 3.4

For the past two weeks, the Juniors have been studying the American flag and Statue of Liberty.  We learned about the stars, stripes and reasoning for the number of each.  We also looked at the flag from a long time ago, as well as, flags of other countries.  Getting ideas from flags around the world, each Junior illustrated their very own flag design in their journal.  Finally, we made Statue of Liberty torches to practice holding in our right hand and conducted an experiment to turn pennies green like the Statue of Liberty.

In Language Arts, we…

  • Finished the story of Ginger using the story craft to retell in our own words
  • Discussed compound words
  • Practiced spelling words, putting the letters in the correct order
  • Counted syllables in different animal and food words
  • Read The Lonely Prince and drew conclusions about the different characters
  • Learned how to write our last names (practice this at home too!)

Math focused on…

  • More practice with coins
  • Introduction of the quarter
  • Counting coins
  • AABAAC pattern

Have a nice weekend!

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