JK update 2.19

What a difference we have seen in two weeks!  One whole week of indoor recess followed by a few days wearing no coats at recess!  Although we love our extra times in the gym, the Juniors definitely enjoyed the chance to get back outside this week!

In Language Arts, we…

  • Began a  new unit on Finding Friends
  • Previewed the new friends big book
  • Listened to the first story of the theme called Big Al about a scary looking fish looking to find friends.
  • Learned sight words this, no and it
  • Read the story, Ginger, about a cat who does not like the new kitten at his house. 
  • Used the skills of compare and contrast to discuss Ginger and the new kitten
  • Blended parts of a word to make a new word.  For example, mi…croscope.  What’s the word?
  • Read a Willy the Wisher story about Mrs. Nosho wanting something green for her office.  See if your Junior can remember what green thing she wanted!


Math is focusing on…

  • Sorting pennies, nickels and dimes
  • Naming these three coins
  • Identifying values for these coins
  • Counting by 5s
  • Solving addition and subtraction sentences

Have a nice weekend!

Kristen Masiel

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