JK Update 2.1

It’s been a very fun January in Junior Kindergarten.  Although, the anticipation of February with Valentine’s Day, Father’s Breakfast and the 100th day has been even greater!  We can’t wait to celebrate all of these special events at Rohan Woods!

During Language Arts time this past month, the Juniors learned about letters N through X.  It is amazing how confident the Juniors are now with writing letters using their knowledge of straight, curved and slanted lines.  We also read more big book stories about shadows.  The favorite shadows story was Bear Shadow.  The class used the reading comprehension strategies of making predictions, drawing conclusions and cause and effect to deepen their understanding.  We worked on word order and meaning of sentences by playing a game called “People Sentences.”  Finally, we added a few new sight words including he, she, big, small, and have.

Math work this month included the topic of measurement.  The class worked with a balance scale to compare weights of various classroom objects.  They also measured area of various shapes using Unifix cubes.  Finally, capacity was measured with a fun, yummy Math snack.  The class compared how many pieces of popcorn versus Nilla Wafers would fit in a given container. 

It’s been a wonderful, winter month in Junior Kindergarten!


Kristen Masiel

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