JK update 12/18

Happy Holidays!

The Juniors had a fun and fabulous December, learning all about the winter holidays of Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas.  Highlights of the last two weeks included playing with the Hanukkah toys in the housekeeping  center, making dreidels out of milk cartons, creating ornaments for parents and learning how to play the dreidel game.  It sure is a special time of year!

In Language Arts, the Juniors are working on…

  • Reading a fantasy story called Bear Shadow
  • Discussing cause and effect
  • Determining long and short words
  • Using “kid spelling” to label journal entries
  • Playing with word order in sentences by making “people sentences”
  • Letter S

Math is focusing on …

  • Counting by 10s
  • Recognizing numbers 10-20
  • Using ten-frames to create numbers 10-20
  • Sorting by one or two attributes

Hanukkah vocabulary words…

  • Drediel
  • Menorah
  • Helper candle
  • Latkes
  • Nun
  • Gimmel
  • Hay
  • Shin
  • Gelt


Thank you to our WONDERFUL room parents for an amazing holiday party today.  See you next year!!!

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