JK update 12.1

What a fun month we had in Junior Kindergarten!  The highlight of the month happened on the morning of Thursday, November 17 with Old Newsboys Day.  The Junior Kindergarten, along with their Fourth Grade buddies, hosted this charity event during morning carpool by selling papers to the parents as students were dropped off at Rohan Woods.  We raised over $228 to be donated to local children’s charities.  The morning was capped off by hot chocolate with our buddies to celebrate our hard work!

Language arts in November taught us about letters J through M, sight words and rhyming words.  We learned how to identify, write and the sounds for these letters through games, poems and writing practice.  Two new sight word books introduced the words I, see, here and is.  Our favorite game this month was called “alphaball.”  In this game, the class rolls a ball around the circle as each student says the next letter of the alphabet.  On the first try of this game, the class made not one mistake!  Best first try ever!!

In Math, the Juniors worked on classifying and categorizing.  Using their sorting skills, the Juniors grouped like items based on different qualities.  Sorting by color was a favorite but sorting by size and other characteristics was a bit more of a challenge.  We have also been working on counting by 10s to 100.  We love to close our eyes and then open to find one number missing and then naming the number on the number line!

It’s been a busy and fun month of November.  We can’t wait for the excitement of the December holiday season!

Mrs. Masiel 

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