JK update 11.1

The month of October has been very busy in Junior Kindergarten.  The anticipation of Halloween all month makes it one of the most fun and exciting months as well!  The Juniors used the holiday to learn all about the life cycle of a pumpkin, sort Halloween toys on a Venn diagram, complete many art projects to decorate for the season and practice new centers to improve fine motor skills.  Finally, on the 31st, everyone dressed up in their costumes to parade around the neighborhood followed by a party in the classroom that afternoon.

In Language Arts, the class continued to work on the unit all about School.   We read a poem titled, I Brought a Worm, about a little girl who brings a worm to show and tell at school and ate it!  The best part was the surprise ending (it was a candy worm!).  The Juniors were even brave enough to eat “worms” too!  This poem emphasized using the comprehension strategy of visualization to make mental pictures of all the items the students brought to school.  This unit has also continued to work on rhyming words through games and songs, letter identification as well as formation of letters A-H. 

Math work this month focused on numbers 0-5, beginning work with ten-frames and patterns.  The favorite lesson this month used various Halloween toys. The Juniors were challenged to sort the toys by color and category using one attribute first.  Then, the class used a Venn diagram to sort the objects by things that are white, things that are a ring and things that are both white and a ring in the center of the diagram.  What a fun Halloween Math activity!

We’ve learned a lot in these short couple months!  I’m looking forward to amazing remainder of the year!!

Mrs. Masiel 

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