JK Update 10.1

The Juniors had a wonderful month of September at Rohan Woods!

We learned all about the five senses and began a unit on apples.  The five senses brought some new and fun projects for each sense.  For hearing,  we compared eggs filled with different materials.  The juniors were challenged to match the sounds.  For the sense of touch, we reached into a box and had to describe and then guess the item.  The smell test was interesting to try and guess the smells of cinnamon, coffee, vanilla and peppermint.  We made water bottles filled with sparkles to practice the sense of sight.  Finally, we conducted a taste test with our Fourth Grade buddies.  The favorite flavor was definitely sweet, as shown on our class graph.  I wonder why nobody liked bitter the best?

We began our first Open Court Language Arts unit all about School.  The Juniors have listened to two big book stories about school while using the reading comprehension strategies of predicting and clarifying.  We also read poems and played games to strengthen rhyming skills.  Finally, we started practicing letter formation for letters A-D.

In Math, the class is focusing work on numbers 0-5.  The Juniors have been counting, matching, ordering and even writing these numbers.  One favorite activity involved stamping the numbers, putting them in ascending order, then creating a tower out of Unifix cubes to match the number.

The Juniors are comfortable in the new Junior Kindergarten routine and are thriving in their environment.  It is a joy to watch their curiosity, enthusiasm, and caring nature!

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