JK update 1.22

What a fun, snowy week!  The kids loved watching the snow fall on Tuesday, trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues!  It was also exciting to put our first snowy day on the weather graph.  We had predicted at the beginning of the month that we would get a snowy day in January!  Remember to send both boots and snow pants on these snowy days.  We will go outside in the snow as long as the temperature is above 25 degrees.

In Language Arts, we are working on…

  • Letters X and Y
  • Long versus short words using auditory discrimination
  • A poem titled, My Shadow, working on visualization
  • A critical thinking story in Willy the Wisher called, Two of Everything

Math has focused on…

  • Solving simple addition sentences
  • The concept of adding zero
  • Dice recognition
  • Teen numbers

Upcoming reminders…

  • We will be celebrating the 100th day of school on Thursday, January 28.  Please send in 100 small snack items such as goldfish, chocolate chips, cheerios, pretzels, raisins, etc.  Please be mindful of the tree nut allergy in the class and send an ingredient label with your snack.  At home with your child’s help, count out 100 pieces and put them in a Ziploc bag.  We will be making a 100th day trail mix to eat on Thursday.
  • Please send a shoebox to school by Monday, February 8.  We will decorate these in class to collect Valentines.

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