JK – Sixth Grade Science Update

Students have been so busy learning new science in all of the classes at RWS! Here is a snapshot of what everyone has been up to…


  • read the Quirkles books Friction Fred, Gilbert Gas, Hallie Heat, and Inquisitive Inman.
  • experimented with friction, gases, dark and light colors and their ability to attract heat, and asking questions in science


  • took advantage of our winter garden crops to learn the difference between “tops” (vegetables that grow above the soil) and “bottoms” (vegetables that grow below the soil)
  • used double pan balances to investigate the concepts of “more massive” and “less massive”
  • compared masses of different items (sand, unpopped corn, rice, puffed rice cereal, popped corn) to determine which weighed the most and which weighed the least


  • excavated samples of the soil from the RWS grounds and tested it to identify which parts of soil make up our land at RWS
  • started new unit on rocks and went on a rock hunt to identify all of the different ways rocks are used around us
  • collected a rock and opened it to determine whether it contained crystals
  • investigated different minerals and rocks to determine their properties


  • dissected flowers to understand their parts
  • dissected fruit to investigate the differences between drupes, pomes, and berries
  • prepared for and took a quiz over the plant unit
  • started new unit on states of matter


used their stream table models to investigate and demonstrate:

  • the water cycle
  • effects of rain on land
  • stream origins and their effects on land
  • examined the materials that make up Earth and their properties
  • what pore space is
  • determined the difference between ground water and runoff


  • investigated the interaction of the Earth, Moon, and Sun and the relationship these interactions have on the phases of the moon
  • used shadows to help them visualize that the Earth is rotating on its axis
  • prepared for a quiz over the light and space unit


  • presented their iMovie’s about the different classes and activities that they participated in while at Crow Canyon
  • started their study of plant and animal cells
  • looked under the microscope at plant and animal cell slides to identify certain organelles


  • presented their findings from Crow Canyon about one of three time periods (Basketmaker, Pueblo I, or Pueblo III) in an exhibition presentation to our school community
  • working to better understand the scientific method in preparation of designing and carrying out their own experiments

5th Health

  • investigated the concept of “energy balance” and “dynamic equilibrium”

6th Health

  • Continue to study the nervous system

Garden News:  

The winter crops have been planted. The first two of our six raised garden beds were planted with different cold hardy crops. Once the temperatures drop, these beds will be covered with low tunnels for the winter.

Our radish crop is up and ready. Students in the several classes have been able to pick, sample, and take home radishes. In addition, students in the “Healthy Garden Eating” innovative elective class picked radishes from our garden and dill from the Junior Kindergarten herb garden and used them to make a delicious “Crunchy Spring Salad with Dill Dressing”. Yummy!

Plans are in place to begin work on designing and building a native garden this year. This is technically called a “Prairie Restoration” project. We are excited to see what types of wildlife our new garden can feed and how much water we can save by planting native plants. To help us better learn what we need to do with our new habitat, the Second Graders traveled to Shaw Nature Reserve and took a class on prairies. They learned a lot and had a ton of fun!

As always, we continue to have a “Sustainability Star of the Week.” Please encourage your children to be good citizens of our Earth. They can do this by treating our Earth as they would a member of their family. It is my hope that they are all reducing, reusing, recycling, and rotting (composting) when away from the science lab. Every little bit helps!

Kim Breckenridge Science Specialist

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