January P.E. news

Students in Physical Education class are enjoying the floor hockey unit!

Students in P.E. class are learning hockey skills in the floor hockey unit. PreSchool aged classes are using beginner hockey sticks to practice proper grip and way to hold a stick. They are learning basic fundamentals such as passing, dribbling, and shooting. 1st through 6th grade students are learning different types of shots such as backhand, forehand, wrist shot and snap shot. Students are playing hockey lead up games such as line hockey, hockey bowling, scooter hockey, four goal hockey and broomball. 3rd through 6th graders are playing floor hockey during lunch league recess. 5th and 6th grade are playing hockey games after school against other independent school teams as well as hosting a floor hockey tournament at Rohan Woods on February 2nd. Middle schoolers are learning the roles of different positions in hockey including, goaltenders, defense and forwards.  Middle schoolers are learning team concepts such as zone clearing and dump and chase. They are working hard preparing for the floor hockey tournament in which six schools will visit Rohan Woods. 

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