January Classroom Update

Happy New Year! 

As we look forward to this fresh start in 2018, we continue to build upon the academics and goals we began before Winter Break. 

Students in Middle School attended a field trip to access information on their Project themes: Legos.  A trip to the Lego Store yielded many answers to research questions…and some new projects to complete!  From the Lego Store, students traveled to the Magic House to take in the Lego Exhibit and get some hands-on time with their Project! Once we returned to school, students bagan drafting notes of the information they learned on their trip and generating more questions to think about during our next Project session.

In the classroom, we will begin our study of the Indus Valley Civilizations in Social Studies and use the information to take notes and begin organizing our next thesis paper.   So much to do and learn!

Until we meet again, stay warm out there! 


Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday/No School – No Childcare: January 15, 2018

Parent-Teacher Conferences – No School: January 19, 2018





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