January 8, 2016

First Graders have set an important goal for the New Year! To date they have written heartfelt bucket slips each week to a classmate. They have been careful to write something new for each person and to ensure the messages are unique to the individual.

Beginning this week students brainstormed how they could challenge themselves with buckets slips for 2016. Several thoughtful suggestions were shared with the group. One student offered that we could double up our efforts and write 2 slips person. Another child suggested expanding our recipients to include our Fifth Grade buddies and even other teachers and office staff. Our final possibility is to work to stretch our message to two sentences.

These are all excellent ideas and will be incorporated by students in whichever manner they choose. The seriousness and genuine kindness they demonstrate in this weekly assignment exceeds expectations and fills their teacher’s bucket to overflowing!

The bald eagle is the second American symbol students are researching for their notebook and ultimately their scrapbook. The class enjoyed some fascinating facts and a breath taking video online about our national symbol. Did you know that eagles are not really bald? Rather bald has another meaning- covered in white. Ben Franklin wanted our national bird to be a turkey. He felt bald eagles were “lousy and lazy” and that they stole food from other creatures.

Students are making the connection that as our flag stands for freedom, so too does the proud, strong, and free bald eagle. These are ideals we want the world to know about the U.S.A.!

Laura Jacobsmeyer
First Grade Teacher 

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