January 6, 2017

The Second Graders are ready for the second half of their school year! They have learned so much, grown a lot, and have been positive leaders for the younger students at Rohan Woods. They are looking forward to doing Project Work, continuing to learn, and even having some fun in the next few months!

Here are some other things the Second Graders have been learning: 

  • Reading orally with more expression
  • Listening to stories to enhance audio comprehension skills
  • Understanding character traits and attributes
  • Recognizing main ideas and supporting details
  • Writing with more details
  • Sequencing events when writing
  • Editing daily work for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
  • Finding subjects and predicates
  • Measuring in centimeters, meters, grams, and kilograms
  • Continuing to practice regrouping with 3-digit numbers
  • Reviewing addition and subtraction facts to increase fluency
  • Practicing handwriting strokes and letters

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