January 22,2016

First Graders are making connections! The class has created a list of habits of good readers. We add to the list regularly. Our latest addition is the concept of the reader connecting with the text as a way of deepening their understanding and comprehension.

When a reader is reminded of something in their own lives while enjoying a story, they are making a “Text to Self” connection. These ah ha moments happen regularly as we read and enhance our enjoyment as the reader.

A “Text to Text” connection can also be quite exciting for the reader as they stop and are reminded of another selection they have read that in some way connects to what they are currently reading.

Students have discussed and written about text to self connections after reading Snow Day by Corinne Demas Bliss. First Graders connected with the main character’s fear of getting hit by a cold snowball as well as relating to another characters first experience with snow. “That reminds me of when…” “I have a cousin who has never seen snow.”

Additionally the students wrote about Text to Text connections using Snow Day and then reading The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. First Graders found several connections between the actions and feelings of the main characters.

These valuable moments are creating engaged readers who have moved beyond working on sight words and unlocking more challenging words. They are reading! Reading to be entertained, reading to be informed, reading to engage and make connections!

As we move further into the year we will also identify a third connection, “Text to World”. Our first two connections comfortably occur while reading fiction. Text to World will take us into more non-fiction as we consider bigger, worthy ideas and questions.

Laura Jacobsmeyer


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