January 22, 2016

The Second Graders at Rohan Woods have had a great few weeks! They have spent time practicing multiplication facts through games with their Third Grade friends, practiced reading comprehension skills on the iPads, and collaborated in small reading groups. The Second Graders enjoyed our all-school Robotics assembly and learning how machines, computers, and electricity work.

Here are some other things the Second Graders have been busy learning:

  • Spelling words with r-controlled vowels
  • Reading and writing contractions
  • Listening to read aloud stories to gain auditory comprehension skills
  • Making vocabulary flash cards to develop good study habits
  • Adding details and descriptions to their own writing
  • Understanding when a noun is singular possessive or plural possessive
  • Measuring using a centimeter ruler
  • Finding the mass of various objects using grams and kilograms
  • Comparing masses of objects

Thanks to everyone who made it to Parent-Teacher Conferences! With your ongoing support, Second Grade is going to continue to have a great rest of the year!

Looking ahead:

  • Friday, February 5 – Flapjacks with Fathers 

Meaghan Knobbe
Second Grade Teacher

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