January 2018

Students at Rohan Woods have been very busy in the science lab…


  • worked on the concepts of kitchen chemistry and light
  • created homemade ice cream and hand puppets


  • worked with the double pan balance
  • studied concept of more massive and less massive
  • arranged classroom items in order from least massive to most massive
  • studied the thermometer and practiced reading it


  • dissected rocks to see what is inside 
  • created “homemade” rocks to understand the concept  that rocks are made of more than one mineral
  • made geodes


  • started unit on states of matter
  • reviewed the water cycle
  • experimented with evaporation, condensation, melting, freezing


  • learned about Newton’s Third Law of Motion by creating balloon rockets
  • designed and created paper rockets to be launched with 60psi of air


  • used prior knowledge to identify the parts of soil in their “mystery” soil sample
  • experimented with the role plants play in erosion
  • completed webquest on organisms that live in soil


  • built and experimented with electromagnets
  • created a “hat pin” compass
  • used hat pin compass to make a “pin” motor
  • built and experimented with a simple “beakman’s” motors

5th Health

  • continued to study nutrition

6th Health

  • continued to study the nervous system


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