January 2017

Students have been very busy in science class at Rohan Woods….


  • read Inquisitive Inman and learned how questioning is a big part of science
  • read Jazzy Jett to discover how airplanes fly and created and tested their own paper airplane


  • learned how to use a double pan balance and estimated and measured the mass of various objects
  • tested the concept that things have the same mass whether in one piece or many pieces
  • experimented with using a thermometer and how to read it
  • discussed the ways things can move and experimented with making marble runs


  • learned about the 4 layers of the earth and created a flip book to illustrate this
  • created a mini model of Earth and its layers
  • identified organisms that live in the soil and their jobs


  • picked animals to research for biome iMovie
  • composed questions for the zookeepers of their animal at the St. Louis Zoo
  • researched plants that live in their biome


  • experimented with land and water interactions and specifically investigated:
  • Where Does Soil Go?  Looking at Erosion and Deposition
  • Aerial Views
  • When Streams Join: Modeling Tributaries


  • launched paper rockets using 60psi of air
  • analyzed launch results and created a lab report of the experience
  • started using the MIT coding program called SCRATCH to learn computer coding

Middle School

  • investigated what lives in soil and the jobs of these organisms
  • completed an earthworm dissection
  • reviewed for and took a quiz over Earth's resources

Middle School Health

  • created an ideal dinner menu that included the main food groups
  • created a physical activity plan and a MyPlate goal
  • analyzed a weeks worth of school lunches to see their inclusion of the five main food groups


  • continue to grow crops in the low tunnel winter gardens
  • preparing for the delivery of our observation bee hive (brought to us by a grant from the Bee Cause Project and the Whole Kids Foundation)


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