Happy Summer

Students have been very busy in science class at Rohan Woods….

So much learning has taken place in the science lab this year.  The arrival of the observation honeybee hive and the planting of the spring/summer gardens were a major focus for us this spring.  Hopefully your students have a new opinion of honeybees and will convince you to plant a garden.  It will be mutually beneficial!  This summer, try to get out and get into nature.  Visit parks, go camping, visit museums, and PLAY OUTSIDE.  This is where the best science happens!  Have a great summer!


  • Read Quirkles books Ronnie Rock and Susie Sound and experimented with rocks and minerals and sound
  • Created slime!


  • Studied constellations and learned how to identify a few of the easier to find constellations in the night sky
  • Went in the stardome to identify and draw constellations
  • Started weather unit
  • Created rain gauges to measure rainfall amounts


  • Experimented with sound


  • Studied the grassland biome and experimented with erosion
  • Transplanted prairie plant seedlings to larger pots


  • Created working flashlights using two D cell batteries, two brass brads, two wires, a light bulb, a paperclip, a paper towel tube, and a circle of cardboard


  • Learned about the pH scale and tested items to find their pH

Middle School

  • Identified simple machines that make up complex machines in factories
  • Explored Chaco Canyon since we will visit it next fall on our trip

Middle School Health

  • Finished up the reproductive system and studied the human life cycle


  • Cared for our spring/summer crops of green beans, corn, pumpkins, zinnias, morning glories, peas, zucchini, sunflowers, watermelon, and nasturtium
  • Transplanted prairie seedlings into larger pots

Observation Honeybee Hive

  • Continued to observe the hive and note any differences that occur
  • Identified baby bees and watched several emerge from their brood cells
  • Identified drone cells

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