Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

First Graders said goodbye to summer and hello to fall during the month of September! Students worked to develop many social and academic skills this month. Students completed their first Break-Out Box during Project! The highlight of our month was having Fredbird visit our class!

Here are some of the things our First Graders have been working on during the month of September:

  • Mastering classroom procedures and expectations
  • Showing responsibility with both our younger EC Buddies and our Senior Kindergarten Math Buddies
  • Students began bringing Archie the Eagle home! In order to bring Archie the Eagle home, students must demonstrate that they are responsible learners throughout the week. The student picked to bring Archie home must write about their time with Archie in an Adventures with Archie journal! First Graders must include the following in their writing: name, date, title, juicy words and details.
  • Open Court Reading- Our Neighborhood at Work unit, which focuses on: short-vowel sounds, comprehension skills (monitoring and clarifying, predicting, classifying and categorizing)
  • Spelling words (Second Grade curriculum) that focus on short vowels. (Sparkle! continues to be a favorite spelling game in First Grade.)
  • Writing legibly, with proper spacing between letters and words
  • Ensuring that sentences start with a capital letter and end with punctuation
  • Singapore Math- Studying ways to add using number bonds, making addition stories, using real-world problems to add, and increasing math vocabulary
  • It’s a Small World After All! Postcard Project began!
  • Project- First Graders worked with both Second and Third Grade to complete their very first Break-Out Box. Students worked during the month of September on team building, collaboration, compromising, and problem-solving skills. This allowed them to work together to solve difficult puzzles, unlock codes, and successfully save the day from sneaky Flynn the Fox!

First Graders worked in tandem with Second and Third Grade to begin their first major Project of the school year during the end of September. Stayed tuned to see how our Project unfolds in October!


– Ms. Coleman

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