Gobble Gobble- Goodbye, November!

First Graders are thankful for a wonderful November! The highlight of our month was a toss up between our Open House, Pajama Day, or our “How to Cook a Turkey” writing project!

Here are some of the things our First Graders have been working on during the month of November:

  • Independently reading workbook directions
  • Strengthening comprehension skills while reading
  • Listening to books on audio to strengthen auditory comprehension
  • Spelling words (Second Grade curriculum) that focus on long a: a-consonant-e, ai, ay; long e: ee, ea; and long i: y, and i-consonant-e spelling patterns
  • Sand, letter tiles, and magnets were used for word work to practice spelling words
  • Producing writing with a clear beginning, middle, and end
  • Using transition words while writing, such as next, then, lastly
  • How to Cook a Turkey writing and art assignment was a huge hit! Students used transition words to explain how to cook a turkey!
  • Proper writing mechanics, such as: correct letter formation and sizing, appropriate spacing, and the use of punctuation
  • The OSMO was introduced this month! Students used tangrams to recreate images with the Osmo and iPad.
  • Singapore Math- Shape Hunt around school (plane and solid shapes), creation of plane and solid shapes using model magic
  • Singapore Math- ordinal and cardinal numbers, position words, and new vocabulary
  • Singapore Math- Numbers to 20: counting on from 10, using place value to model and compare more than two numbers, making patterns and ordering numbers without visual cues
  • It’s a Small World After All! Postcard Project continues! Students enjoy putting new push pins in the map, reading postcards from around the world, and learning about the world around them!
  • Showing patience, responsibility, and leadership qualities with both our younger EC Buddies and Senior Kindergarten Math Buddies
  • Project- First Graders continued to work with both Second and Third Grade for the Rohan Woods Shoppers project (formerly Schnucks Shoppers). Students selected a department to create, based on interest. Students then collaborated with co-workers of their departments to generate supply lists. The students also wrote letters to parents, inviting them to the big culmination in December! Stay tuned!!
  • Students continued to work on team building, collaboration, compromising, and problem-solving skills.
  • Archie the Eagle continues to travel home with one lucky First Grader each weekend! The student picked to bring Archie home must write about their time with Archie in an Adventures with Archie journal! First Graders must include the following in their writing: name, date, title, juicy words and details.
  • Keeping an eye out for random acts of kindness, completing acts of kindness, and filling our Kindness is Cooler board with kindness hearts!

First Graders enjoyed learning new things during the month of November! Stay posted to see what December brings for First Grade!

– Ms. Coleman

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