Games Project

Third and Fourth Grade have been exploring the world of Games for Project this trimester and while it has been challenging, it has also been a lot of fun!  Students began by verbalizing what they know about games, including types of games, rules, and equipment.  The next step was to talk to an expert in that field.  We invited Mr. Mike Breault, a Game Design professor at Webster University, to come and speak to the class about the important elements of creating a game.  Before he came to our classroom, the students generated questions for their guest.  Those questions were sent to Mr. Breault ahead of time so that he could provide insightful, yet easy-to-understand answers.  We all learned so much from him!

To get a little field experience, the class then took a day and traveled to the Chess Hall of Fame and the Saint Louis Science Center, which currently has an amazing exhibit that is all about games.  Students were sent on a scavenger hunt around the exhibit to learn interesting facts about games, including the history of games and the skill you need to become a game designer.  Once they finished, they got a chance to go play!  

The next step is to now create their own games, many have finished their rules and instructions and will move on to designing their game board or making sure they have all the necessary equipment to show other students how their game is played.  It all comes together in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to see what the final result is!


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