Friendship, Kindness, and Love!

First Graders had a LOVEly month! There were so many exciting things that happened during the month of February. Students were thrilled to celebrate Valentine’s Day and friendship! First Graders enjoyed Animal Tales coming to school, where they saw and learned about many exotic animals, such as the Gray Wolf and Lanner Falcon. Students enjoyed the First Grade Field Trip to the Saint Louis Art Museum. Students enjoyed identifying different artists and mediums that they studied during art class. Flap Jacks for Fathers and the 101st Day of School Celebration (101 year old First Graders) were two huge highlights during the month of February!

Here are some of the things our First Graders have been working on during the month of February:

  • Making responsible First Grade choices, even when it’s challenging
  • Reading more complex stories from the Open Court Reading program (Students LOVE Frog and Toad!)
  • Continuing to build expression, fluency, and stamina while reading in small groups and independently
  • Independently completing Reading Comprehension Journals
  • Spelling words (Second Grade curriculum) that focus on vowel digraphs: long and short oo, words writers use, and diphthongs: ow, ou spelling patterns
  • Word Work involving fun materials
  • Writing for a variety of purposes, both fiction and nonfiction
  • Self-checking written work for punctuation, spelling, “juicy words,” and capital letters
  • Singapore Math- Weight, Calendar and Time, Numbers to 40
  • It’s a Small World After All! Postcard Project continues! Students enjoy putting new push pins in the map, reading postcards from around the world, and learning about the world around them!
  • Math games with SK Buddies, involving addition and subtraction
  • Project- First Graders worked with Second and Third Grade to begin their second Project!! Students will be completing a student-led Project on the St. Louis Cardinals!
  • Project- During Project, students generated a 100 word web on what they know about the Cardinals, created a new organized and condensed web, and wrote about personal experiences they have had in regards to the Cardinals and baseball
  • In Social Studies, First Graders continued to write to their Vermont Pen Pals! Students also learned about cardinal direction!
  • Math, literacy, and STEAM activities to celebrate the 101st Day of School! (Students dressed up as 101 year old men and women!)
  • Students demonstrated the ability to work as a team, collaborate, compromise, and actively use problem-solving skills independently.
  • Archie the Eagle continues to travel home with one lucky First Grader each weekend! The student picked to bring Archie home must write about their time with Archie in an Adventures with Archie journal! First Graders must include the following in their writing: name, date, title, juicy words and details.
  • Students continued to fill the bulletin board with random acts of kindness!

First Graders had such a fun and educational month! Stay posted to see what March brings for First Grade!

– Ms. Coleman

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