Fourth Grade Update

This week the Fourth Graders are participating in simulation activities about the ancient Greek Olympics.  Students have researched their given city state and are competing against other city states to win the gold medal in their events. Students even made their own gold medals which they will win at the final event competition.  

When we return after spring break, our social studies focus will turn to Missouri history and the study of our wonderful city of Saint Louis.

Our literature book this month is Poppy by Avi.  This is an adventure novel with plenty of suspense and twists.  Students are enjoying this story as they explain their understanding of the events. They explain passages which provide important significance to the novel, explain how the passages’ importance relates to the novel, and create an in depth question and answer about their chosen passage.  Students share their insights and understanding with their peers during small group discussions.


Important Upcoming Dates:


Spring Break Camp—March 21st –April 1st

Early Dismissal –April 6th

ERB Testing—April 6th-15th

Jefferson City Trip –April 7th

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