Fourth Grade Update

Fourth Graders have been developing problem solving strategies to help them work through the multi-step process of word problems.  Now, they are applying their understanding of fractions and parts to whole as they compare fractions to decimals.  Lessons provide students with opportunities to work with decimal numbers they have experienced before, and also to delve into more complex number representations.

We are completing our reading of the novel Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor Coerr. Students are developing their comprehension skills as they choose passages which provide important significance to the novel, explain how the passages’ importance relates to the novel, and create an in depth question and answer about their chosen passage.  Students share their insights and understanding with their peers during small group discussions.  

Team work and cooperation are the name of the game in ancient Greece.  Students are researching their given city state and preparing a presentation to share with their classmates about the importance of their homeland and its significance to ancient Greece.  We will focus on the history of the ancient Greek Olympics in the coming weeks with a final recreation of the events and competitions before spring break.

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