Fourth Grade in February

Fourth Grade is off to a great start this February!  

One area that we're all excited about is writing.  We started our expository writing unit this past week, where the students will be researching and writing about African-Americans who have made great societal contributions that may not have gotten much publicity.  There are a number of figures the students will be able to pick from, including people like John Berry Meachum and Annie Malone.  Mr. Meachum was a priest in Missouri who started a school on a riverboat when he was forced to close his school down in the 1840's.  Mrs. Malone was an entrepreneur who brought her cosmetics business to Saint Louis and became one of the few African-American millionaires of the early 20th century.  We're hoping to go see Hidden Figures as a class in the next week or two to supplement our writing, as well as our math and science classes.  It's going to be a wonderful month for Fourth Grade!

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