Fourth Grade Class Update

The Fourth Graders are excited to be back from winter break. Our math lessons continue to focus on probability as we practice real world uses of representing the data as a fraction.

Our literature read this month is the title, In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson by Bette Bao Lord.  This is the story of Shirley Temple Wong and her cultural and social adjustment to America.  Important themes focus on family, culture, language and communication, and friendship.  Shirley’s experiences consistently remind us how important it is to be a friend to all.

Ancient Egypt is our topic of study in social studies. The students are participating in a simulation in which each of the students experiences the thrills, frustrations, and horrible dangers as they become archaeologists traveling through the interior of a pyramid.  Students unearth pieces of hieroglyphic tablet, collect translation pieces, gather information about ancient Egypt, and hopefully translate The Mummy’s Message.



Macci Bowers

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