First Grade Welcomes 2017!

First Graders at Rohan Woods are excited to welcome 2017! The students are halfway through First Grade and have grown so much since the beginning of the school year! Students have become responsible individuals, have matured their decision-making skills, and have shown how much FUN it can be to learn new things! The First Grade class had a memorable month in December and we are looking forward to what the rest of the school year has in store! 

Here are some areas in which our First Graders have been hard at work learning and growing:

Teamwork and Personal Responsibility- Students are demonstrating the ability to work together as a team, while considering the feelings and ideas of others. They are continuing to develop strong social problem-solving skills and making responsible choices, even in difficult times. During the month of December, First Grade got a class pet! Our class pet is a gecko, who goes by the name of Liz Camo Safari. (The gecko's name was decided through a voting process. Students generated name ideas and voted.) Rohan Woods First Graders have done a fantastic job showing responsibility for a class pet. They help take care of Liz. 

Reading- First Graders are working on phonics sounds to increase their fluency while reading. Students are continuing to develop expression, comprehension, and stamina while reading. Students have become experts on making predictions while reading and have built an impressive vocabulary. Stories and reading passages continue to be used in small groups, so that students are challenged at different levels. Students have time set aside daily to read independently in their own special places, with books that are "just right" for them! Students listen to audio books to increase auditory comprehension. In addition, students have used fun phonics game to actively learn new reading skills and increase their comprehension of various types of texts. 

Spelling- Students are continuing to build their spelling skills through weekly games, activities, and spelling tests. Their favorite spelling game is "Sparkle"! They also enjoy using letter stamps, magnets and cookie pans, as well as other centers to hone in on spelling skills. Thus far, students have learned about short vowel sounds, consonant clusters, words that end in -nk and -ng, short vowel sounds represented by more than one letter, vowel/consonant patterns, vowel-consonant-e patterns, long a,e, and i words using tricky spelling patterns, long o patterns, as well as the /k/ sound, spelled with c, k, and ck. Students of all abilities enjoy being challenged by a Second Grade curriculum. Through the extensive practice with spelling, students have become both better readers and writers. 

Writing-  First Graders are working on writing mechanics such as: correct letter and numeral formations, starting at the pink line in journals, starting every sentence with a capital letter and ending with proper punctuation. Students are continuing to practice their writing through many different outlets, such as our "Holidays around the World" unit. Students had to write about different traditions around the world, using proper writing mechanics. Students are continuing to work on writing that requires a topic sentence, three sequencing sentences, as well as a conclusion sentence. Students continue to earn our school mascot, Archie, to take home on the weekends. The student chosen documents his/her weekend with Archie in our "Adventures with Archie" notebook, and then presents their writing to the class on Mondays. A name, date, title and "juicy words" must be used.

Math- Students are love using our hands-on Singapore Math curriculum. Last month, students worked with whole number computation, while subtracting using real-world problems. Additionally, students began exploring both solid and plane shapes. Students are able to both add and subtract in a variety of ways, use subtraction symbols and math vocabulary. In addition, our First Graders have used their thinking skills to analyze parts and whole math problems, make subtraction stories, solve real-world subtraction problems, as well as make fact families using addition and subtraction. Students were also able to use  hands-on manipulatives in class to understand solid shapes! Students demonstrate their mental math strategies to solve how many more Safari Adventure points we need to earn various rewards each week. 

Social Studies- In December, students traveled around the world!!! Our classroom was transformed into a magical airplane, and we traveled to different countries to learn about different traditions and customs during the holidays. First Graders even learned words in other languages, such as: Spanish, Swedish, Italian, and French! Students LOVED this project, and are still talking about it. During each trip, students were responsible for adding newly learned information to their "Holidays around the World Scrapbooks". Students are continuing to actively learn about the seven continents and fifty states through our Postcard Exchange project, "It's a Small World After All". First graders are continuing to use the postcards to discover new information about cities, countries, continents, landmarks, oceans, and the world around them. We are using cardinal directions to locate the different areas on our maps. In addition to our Postcard Exchange project, we are learning about the world around us through song and literature. First Graders are also learning about the community and seasons through daily discussions, calendar time, and literature. 

December was so much fun for First Grade! We learned SO much! We welcome January with cold and open arms! 

Ms. Coleman

First Grade Teacher

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