First Grade Weekly Update

First Graders are exploring plane shapes and solid shapes. They are using a wealth of new vocabulary to describe as well as compare and contrast shapes. They understand that shapes, like people and even Archie, have attributes that make them unique.

Archie has wings, talons, and is soft. Each student made a list of three attributes to describe themselves. Elizabeth is blonde with green eyes and is a good person. Abbie is a brunette, is nice, and is also a good person. Addison is blonde with blue eyes and is happy. Cole is blonde, tall, and a good student. Gus is blonde with green and blue eyes and is caring. Maddie is a brunette with blue eyes and is happy. 

Students discovered that attibutes that describe plane shapes can be color, shape, and size. First Graders examined the number of corners and sides of plane shapes and realized that each shape has the same number of corners as sides!

First Graders divided plane shapes into equal parts by folding paper squares. One half, two halves and one fourth or one quarter are vocabulary words that helped to describe how the large paper square changed.

Solid shapes can be compared by the plane shapes inside them, a square base on a pyramid, as well as which shapes slide, stack, and/or roll. Many objects in the real world are constructed with solids. 

Finally students discussed what it means to say something is 3-d or 2-d. Next week they will continue combining plane shapes to make designs and use solid shapes to construct models.

Laura Jacobsmeyer
First Grade Teacher
Rohan Woods School

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