Fifth Grade Classroom Update

Greetings parents!

This week in Fifth Grade has been fabulously busy and productive.  We are finishing up many of our Book Report Projects, as well as our book study of the Revolutionary War young children's novel, "My Brother…

Sam is Dead."  Students have analyzed the characters and events through charts and story maps, and whole-heartedly enjoyed the story of the Meeker family and their experience of American life during the Revolutionary War.  

In Math, we are wrapping up our unit on Angles,  We have studied Angles on a line as well as Angles around a point.  Then, we used our knowledge to problem-solve and find the measurements of missing angles in a figure.  

This week begins our Spring Break!  We look forward to some time to relax and refresh in order to finish the year strong upon our return to the classroom in April.  

Until we see you again…

Enjoy Spring!


Ms. Mudd and the 5th grade class



March 21-April 1: Spring Break/No School/Spring Break Camp

April 4: School resumes at 8a



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