Fifth Grade Classroom Update

This past week, Fifth Graders enjoyed a trip to Hidden Valley to go skiing.  Fifth Graders come to the annual field trip with a staggered ability level.  This trip is the quintessential example of differentiated instruction.  Hidden valley’s staff meets every student at their level and works until we are all on those ski lifts and soaring over the hills!  A great time was had by all. 

Meanwhile, in the classroom…

Every Monday, the Fifth Grade students spend time with their First Grade Buddies.  This week, Mrs. J and I had something special in mind.  We realized that—on various levels—both classes were fine-tuning their writing skills.  Fifth Grade has been researching various illnesses for a research report as a final project in conjunction with their Reading novel, Summer of the Swans.  They also worked diligently to summarize key information from different types of text.  First Grade has been busy, as well, learning about nouns, verbs, and mystery writing.    

On Monday, the Buddies met in the Fifth Grade classroom to share their skills and learn from each other.  First Graders were able to share the information they had collected throughout the week on Inspector Noun and Sergeant Verb.  Then, Fifth Graders helped them to organize their thoughts and notes to create a mystery starring both characters! 

It was collaboration at its finest!


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