Fifth Grade Classroom Update

This Friday, at Fathers' Breakfast, Rohan Woods students and their fathers enjoyed a hot breakfast that was quite interactive!  Fathers and children were "flipped" their breakfast by the fine folks at Chris's Cakes–who flip the pancakes through the air and onto the plates of each and every Rohan Woods family.  It was a marvelously good time for all!  

This week in Fifth Grade we have completed our Book Study of the Summer of the Swans by Betsy Byers.  The Book Study for our next novel will be done in class as a read-aloud in order to hone our critical listening skills.  Each chapter is accompanied by an in-class discussion and a project. 

At the end of each section, we focus on a study skill or research skill.  Recently, we practiced writing summaries by utilizing an activity called “Ten Important Words”.  In this activity, students work independently or with a partner to pull only ten “important words” out of a section or a chapter. 

Once the students chose their ten words, they wrote them on sticky-notes and created a graph on the board.   They analyzed the results in order to choose the ULTIMATE ten words, and then organized their thoughts in order to create a general topic sentence. 

Using these materials, each student will write an individual summary on the designated chapters in our novel.  

Fifth Graders are learning excellent strategies!

Have a great week!

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