February Update

The month of January finds us very busy in Middle School.  In Language Arts we have begun studying the parts of speech, along with all its many additional layers:  participles, perfect tense and progressive tenses.  Students are also learning to write letters for different audiences and we look forward to more narrative essays at the end of the month. 

In Social Studies, Middle School students have finished up their study of Ancient India and Nubia, and have finished their reports on five notable places in India.  This month begins our study of Ancient China with an indepth focus on the Chinese Empires.     

We want to take a moment to pay special gratitude to the dads, grand-dads, and family friends who came out to enjoy our annual Flapjacks with Fathers this past Friday.  Our Rohan Woods community is truly blessed for the family and friends who support our community. 

Until we meet again…stay warm out there!

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