February 5, 2016

Fathers' Breakfast is one of the highlights of the school year. Today students hosted dads, granddads, and guests to another exciting time of catching pancakes flying through the air. What a yummy, fun way to start the day.

This week we have concluded another math chapter and Monday will dig in to a chapter about length. Using non-standard units, students will directly compare the length of two objects, and then indirectly compare them with a third. They will order objects according to length. Spatial awareness will be discussed as they begin to recognize that vertical length is height. Ultimately they will compare length and height of objects in the classroom and the real world.

They will understand that in measuring length they are determining how many units of something fit the object to be measured. They will come to realize that the smaller the unit of measurement the more units are needed. They will practice the concept of end to end measuring in order to be precise.

This week First Graders completed more pages for their American Symbols Scrapbook. Students were excited to take a virtual fieldtrip to Philadelphia to Independence Hall, the location of the bell tower where the bell first hung and later was moved across the street in 1976 to a museum.

Students are making important connections about the beginning of our United States and the common values the symbols tell about its citizens. To date we have researched the bald eagle, American flag, and Liberty Bell. The next two weeks we will investigate the Washington Memorial and Lincoln Memorial in time for Presidents’ Day.

Laura Jacobsmeyer

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