February 2018

Students at Rohan Woods have been very busy in the science lab…


  • read Quirkles books Lindy LightMary Motion, Nosey Nina, Ollie OxygenPressure Pete, and Quincy Quake
  • experimented with ramps and motion, the taste/smell connection, oxygen’s role in fire, high pressure and low pressure when using a straw, and designing an earthquake proof building


  • ​experimented with ways things move
  • investigated how force affects motion
  • understood the relationship between pushes and pulls and hunted for them within our building
  • experimented with how the height of a ramp changes the distance cars will travel
  • collected data and created a graph using the car/ramp data


  • learned about fossils and did a “fossil dig” to find rocks (cookies) with fossils (chocolate chips) and carefully extracted fossils from the rock
  • studied earth layers and created models
  • examined the layers of soil and creatures that live in the layers and created model


  • completed states of matter unit with a quiz
  • started study of food chains and examined our pond food chain
  • investigated food webs
  • winterized seeds we collected for our native prairie


  • ​built paper rockets and launched them…some traveled over 150 feet!
  • wrote lab report about the rocket project
  • started study of food chains and examined our pond food chain
  • investigated food webs


  • dissected earthworms
  • took quiz over Earth’s resources
  • started unit on states of matter
  • experimented with potential and kinetic energy, transfer of energy, and the law of conservation of energy


  • took quiz over magnet unit
  • started chemistry unit
  • studied matter, atoms, atomic structure, and the periodic structure
  • created models of the atomic structure of different elements

5th Health

  • continued study of nutrition


  • ended unit on skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems
  • started unit on the cardiovascular system

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